Learn to code the way your brain wants to.

Caltech/NASA alumnus Mike Mossey teaches you to use your imagination and verbal skills to make coding easy.

Hello, I’m Mike. I provide tutoring in computer science and coding to both students and professionals. I teach students ranging from grades 7 to 12 as well as college students. I also teach professionals who want to learn coding to do interesting things in their careers such as make apps or learn data science.

I’m located in Pasadena, California and I love to meet people in person, but I can also give lessons remotely to anywhere.

Languages I teach include Python, Java, JavaScript, and Haskell. I can prepare high school students for AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles.

Learn how Mike can help students in grades 7 through 12:

Learn how Mike can help college students and professionals:

Learn about Mike’s teaching techniques:

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For parents of students grades 7 through 12

I have broad knowledge of topics that junior high school and high school students encounter in coding. I am patient and gentle with kids, including those who struggle or who are behind.

Learn about my teaching techniques:

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For college students and professionals

For those interested in data science, I teach Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, and numpy.

For both college students and professionals, I teach Java, Python, Haskell, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

How I teach coding.

Building a strong foundation

Helping you connect the dots and build a strong foundation before going on to the next level.

Encouraging small steps

Showing you how to combine many small steps to reach large goals.

Keeping it simple

Simplifying your programs, making them easier to understand and build on.

Using imagination

Taking advantage of your imagination to clarify ideas.

Asking for precision

Asking you to use language and concepts accurately when you describe or document your code.

Developing independence

Asking you to solve problems through your own insights.