Learn to code the way your brain wants to.

Caltech/NASA alumnus Mike Mossey teaches you to use your imagination and words to make coding easy.

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For high school and junior high students

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For college students and professionals

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How I teach

Building a strong foundation

Parallel sentence structure. Helping you to get a strong foundation and connecting the dots before going on to the next level. "Giving you a strong foundation."

Encouraging small steps

Showing you how to combine many small steps to reach a large goal.

Keeping it simple

Simplifying your programs as much as possible, making them easier to understand and build on.

Using imagination

Taking advantage of your imagination to up-power your understanding of code.

Asking for precision

__Asking__ for precision. Helping you develop precise language when you talk about or think about code.

Developing independence

Asking you to think about and, as often as possible, answer problems through your own insights.

Lessons for your junior high or high school student

As a parent, you want a tutor with broad knowledge of computer science. You want a tutor who has experience with AP Computer Science.

You want a tutor who can work gently and patiently with kids, including those who struggle or who have gotten behind in their class.

Mike is that tutor.

Learn more about how I teach >>

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Lessons for college students or professionals.

You’re independent. You set your own pace.

College students

You're taking classes in Java, Python, or Haskell and want homework help.

Coding bootcamps

You'd like help in Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


You want to learn coding to help your career: Python, data science, or building web pages.